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Wow!! This is incredible!

I boosted your score up .20 points, this song deserves anything above a 4.
The melodies are great and you did a very good job on this song! 10/10 5/5

rtnario responds:

I wish my overall average was always above 4 :< The melodies are straight from Owl City; I just remixed it as great as I possibly could with just 8-bit synths. Thanks!

Memories indeed :)

This song would sound great in a video about someones memories :P

Just a tad bit repetitive, if you added some sort of progression that made it cheery, or sad near the end it would've been awesome. Sort of like a finale.

Urpule responds:

if you listen in the drums the drums progress to simple to more technical in the end whitch is what i was going to for proggression ,but i see what you mean.
thanks for the veiw :)

Not much going on.

The song is good, but it isn't going anywhere. Maybe you could've added a cool melody with that piano somewhere near the middle afer the cheering starts.
4/5 7/10

Don't worry though, you will improve alot if you keep praciticing. I like the feeling of the song it just needs progression.

Urpule responds:

listen to the drums.. they complicate more .. thats my progression. Thanks though for taking the time to comment on my music i will take what you said in consideration.

To everyone saying this is not DnB...

It doesn't matter!! This song is still awesome!

Nicely mastered :)

This sounds really good! The mastering seems to be very clear and gives your song another dimension which is great! Good work man!

I don't see what everyone else see's...

This is just another dance song... There is nothing unique about this. It doesn't even sound mastered.
And for the love of god get rid of that gating saw... Is that a Sytrus preset I hear?

Okay now for my own opinion that doesn't count in the review score.
I hate these type of songs mostly due to the fact that every song sounds the same, kick clap kick clap, with hats between, and then a supersaw...
I have nothing against this genre, it's just that no one seems to make this unique, it's all the same Kick kick kick kick supersaw omg supersaw again...
This really does not deserve top 5, it's an alright song. It's just not "great" I hear songs that are alot better. And cmon... I listened to the whole song and there is hardly anything new throughout the ENTIRE song. It's just that same melody and composition over and over and over again with another supersaw playing random notes over the main melody and then a piano at the end which we heard already. It is all very repetitive. I think you could at least do better...

CKC2009 responds:

luckly i dont care what u think! :)

That's some badass printer you got there!!

Say...why don't you sell it and see how much it will go for? :P

Someday when I get a car...


Rig responds:

Don't hurt your ears D:

Best country song ever!!

Lol, jk. Trance all the way man!
Hope to hear it soon!

F-777 responds:

Thanks Zooloo! And the full version is here now just recheck the preview =).

Thanks again!

Thanks for joining the contest!

Personally I think the song was pretty basic, it needed a bit more ffects and some sort of melody. I like the percussion though.
Again, thanks for joining the contest!

SourPuddle responds:

Thanks bro, the fun for me was to not make the melodies, and focus on percussion though, but maybe next time.

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