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This is house!...oh wait, this is dance :P

Oh well, who cares what the genre is? THIS SONG IS EPIC!

I like that fat kick, and the clap is nice and wide. I like that choppy feel in the song.

I like the electro bass.

Also, I saw your Youtube page. I see you like electro house.

Prodigal responds:


y tanks u kind surr

Wow, this is actually quite nice.

The composition was great. The only thing I find is that I know it was made in FL Studio.
Stay away from Slayer, and the pluck generators in FL Studio. find some freeware vst and vsti's and do some better mastering and you've got a great track!

Hikigane responds:

Sounds good. I don't mind people knowing it was made in FL Studio, but I'll take your advice and play around with some new stuff. Contrary to a lot of my music, I try to avoid using the pluck generator, but it ends up in a lot of my stuff anyway... hah. Thanks for the critique!

Not bad.

I have no idea what is with the person below me. He/She/It seems to be in middle school by the way it types.
Keep the melody and all the other stuff, the vocals are nice for the whisper, but the "bears" voice witht he man seems to throw it off, maybe a man but whispering?
The square synth IMO is annoying, and the clapping is (sorry, but I have to say it) are terrible. You could go find yourself some better samples. Because of the rules of this website for reviewing, I can't give you a link here. I will pm you it.

I like your idea in this song. I will be willing to help you if you want.

This is why I'm looking for a new place to upload.


Cuzone responds:

Yeah, you should look for a new place...

... Newgrounds really don't need any more "Oh I dislike this song and it made the top-5 and mine didn't so I'll zero it".

You have all the right in the world to like or dislike this piece but, where is your review? What did you dislike or like?

Really, search for another site, newgrounds doesn't need any more zero bombers.


"Yes I know it sounds like a washing machine, and that's just the way I like it."

I would ROFL if I heard my washing machine sounding like that, XD

I can definently hear this in a game intro.


I can see this being used on an intro to a game, or a game show. Or maybe a review of a game?

ReadyRecords responds:

Thanks for the great feedback!

You are cool. :)

That bass is sick!!! The intro mislead me, I was thinking "Rig wouldn't make a song this crappy...a few seconds later *holy shiz!!"

Great job!!

Rig responds:

Hah, fooled you. Thanks!

Keep the melody.

Alright, I don't want to seem harsh.
The sound is very awful... The melody is ok, but you need to add a little bit of variety in it.

You should redo this with the same melody, but make a big song out of it and spend more time on synthesis.

Good luck :)

-not trying yo be harsh, but it's the only way you can learn :D

Mans0n responds:

yea i know it's pretty bad

You've improved!

Wow, Beatsource! You are improving everytime you make a new song, :P

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