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WTF is this crappy shit?!

Not only did you manage to make me frown upon the top 5 list, but you managed also made me hate "club" music even more...

How do people even listen to this shit and actually like it?

Mans0n responds:

so let me get this straight, so just because YOU think it's crappy (while others obviously think otherwise) it deserves a 0? wow your picky arent ya?
grow up

not only are you very ignorant, you also think the NG weekly 5 revolves around your music taste which it doesnt, which is why you dont decide the songs. and people listen to this ''shit'' and like it because they like it you idiot. you answered your own question+ made yourself look stupid. and good im glad you hate club music because club music hates you too. so ave a nice day

Here's the thing.

Your goal was to make a boring loop for a game that alot of people won't even play.

Do you really want to be known for just making a bunch of boring loops? That's how people will view you if you keep going in this direction.

Make a "Fully featured song" and continue like that. Look at some tutorials, etc...

hollohill responds:

I make a lot of full featured songs, they just often never get to the energy of say, a rave song and seldom of orchestral complexity. I like to keep it simple, I like to keep it modest (for the most part), and at the end of the day, I'm still learning. I'm glad you took the effort to review though, even if it's a low scoring one, it's much better than empty ratings, and for the most part I've found that people who took the time to listen and review seemed to be kinder or more constructive than those who couldn't stand the "genre" and just zero-rate it and leave.

Funkeh/Grooveh! :D


That's all I can say about this!
Great for a first attempt at electro/house!


This song left me speechless.
There really was a deep blue mood in this song.

Insanctuary responds:

Thankyou. Glad you enjoyed this one. ^-^. Good day to you :D

What has NG's come to?

The quality of the piano is poor, there is too much reverb. The only other instrument in this is a crash.
The score is very random as if you didn't know what you were even playing. This is really just terrible. Can't believe what is ont he top 5 these days...

And all of you people on here are trying to find some special meaning to some waveforms. People who like this also like to hear over done reverb on random sounds.

Let's flame me now! >.<

Insanctuary responds:

I'm not going to flame you, or mark this useless. You know why? It seems that you HAD a reason to justify this rather horrific score, but it's only due upon your opinion. Obviously, you can't see past my piano, and what this song really means. Obviously, you never checked my other submissions, and haven't seen my potential. To be frank, I don't even know how this one got #1. My other songs are definately worthy of praise, if this one gets praised with 10's. I'm sorry you couldn't see through reality, and I apologize that my ''poor'' piano and it's ''too much'' reverb didn't suite your tastes.

Also, trust me. I know exactly what I was playing, which again obviously tells me. You can't see the reflections I behold through this story. Every note I press is an aspect of my notion. If you wish to talk to me, and get to know how I operate and maybe develop a further understanding. Please, don't hesitate to PM me. I will elaborate the best I can, and open your eyes to what you should really be looking for when you listen to this ''score''. Good day to you. @.@

(Ahh... Now I see why. You make House, and Dubstep. No wonder why you couldn't feel what I was trying to convey. Yes, this review is definately not useless, it's a great example that truly shows our human minds are all wired differently. ^^)

Great track :)

I like the organ-ish type synth, and the bass synth (the filter really gives it its character.)

The drums sounded pretty weak though. :(

The beat was good, but you should've used more rough drum samples.

ganon95 responds:

the drums are mean't to be weak, if you listen to this on a ipod with bass boost on you will really notice the difference

This is house!...oh wait, this is dance :P

Oh well, who cares what the genre is? THIS SONG IS EPIC!

I like that fat kick, and the clap is nice and wide. I like that choppy feel in the song.

I like the electro bass.

Also, I saw your Youtube page. I see you like electro house.

Prodigal responds:


y tanks u kind surr

Wow, this is actually quite nice.

The composition was great. The only thing I find is that I know it was made in FL Studio.
Stay away from Slayer, and the pluck generators in FL Studio. find some freeware vst and vsti's and do some better mastering and you've got a great track!

Hikigane responds:

Sounds good. I don't mind people knowing it was made in FL Studio, but I'll take your advice and play around with some new stuff. Contrary to a lot of my music, I try to avoid using the pluck generator, but it ends up in a lot of my stuff anyway... hah. Thanks for the critique!

Not bad.

I have no idea what is with the person below me. He/She/It seems to be in middle school by the way it types.
Keep the melody and all the other stuff, the vocals are nice for the whisper, but the "bears" voice witht he man seems to throw it off, maybe a man but whispering?
The square synth IMO is annoying, and the clapping is (sorry, but I have to say it) are terrible. You could go find yourself some better samples. Because of the rules of this website for reviewing, I can't give you a link here. I will pm you it.

I like your idea in this song. I will be willing to help you if you want.

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