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The timing was off, the singing was awful, and the music was just bad...

Here's a star for making me LMAO though! =)

This is very nice :)
I really like the flow, and the change of sound ever so often. Very groovy.

One awesome song to hear when I wake up.

I just woke up, check FB, saw your post about this being in a flash, and was like, "NO WAI!"

Congratz on the usage and epic skillz :P

Qelaion responds:


Medieval Cowboy Pirates! :D

This song has so much epicness in it!
I can hear so many themes in here, and the mixing is incredible! The quality of every instrument is certainly there, and it brings this song to life!

Good job! 5/5, 10/10!

Tomppaah responds:

Well, you're epicness incarnated! Thank you so much! :D

This is too epic :D

It's mastered well too :P

Prodigal responds:

Nothing but EQ right now, wait until some real mastering tools start seeing sunlight ...

Thanks for the review :P

Nice song :D

This is really chill, and nice! :D

I sung in my head while listening to this, and this track has alot of potential for vocals!

One day I will get a mic! xD

Prodigal responds:

Hehe :P Thanks. I'll see what I can do in means of extending it and adding onto it, it kinda seems so plain right now :P

Nice :)

You really improved over the time! This really reminds me of the style of my old electronic music.

Good work bro!

Michael425 responds:

Thanks man. I've been trying to get better over the past couple years so I'm glad you see some improvement.


This should definintely get on Top 5!

Take your time on producing this wonderful piece of music. I read your rant, and I completely agree. No one does anything to fix the top 5, it's always the same shit, and somehow it gets on top 5.

Now this right here is some real music. I wish you the best of luck on this song.

JohnnyFrizz responds:

Thank you so much my friend!

But sadly you're just the second person that agrees with me ^^'

But I really appreciate the support m8 and I promise I'll give my best on every detail of this track :)


1000th review!!




I'm assuming you have just started producing music.

The melodies etc sound good.
The kick was the only thing that needed improvement. Don't use that style kick, it sounds too "rockish" and throws off the entire song.
Get some new samples, as a kick with more punch would bring this track to life :D

J-N-R responds:

Actually, I'm not new at all! :)
It is just the style I wanted. I wanted to make a real raw song. But I was also mixing with a guitar amplifier so it sounded so much different. But to come to think of it, the kick actually might sound good if I changed it.

Thanks for the tip!


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