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Do you have windows live messenger?

Mrmilkcarton responds:

Yeah check my news post it has it.


Wow! You are the best piano person!

DavidKrachtLam responds:

Thank you! =D

Holy ****!!!

Sick trance right there!!!
How the hell do you write this stuff in the piano rolls!!?!?!?
I always get an awesome trance sound in my head but have no clue how to make it move fast with a good beat.

Bring on moar!!

P.S. Looks like your music is so good that even 0 bombers can't bomb you at all!!

Mrmilkcarton responds:

Oh they'll find me.
Well I have been blessed by my father who has given me his amazing weighted midi keyboard to use to make music. It helps me a ton when I want to get my melodies down. My fingers know the notes so all I have to do is play them then put them in the piano roll.

Good job there!

Lol, did you have fun while playing that?

P.S. death to the 0 voters!!

PearlDrummer516 responds:

I certainly did haha, I'm glad you liked it, and I'm also glad you share my outlook on zero voters :p A 10, I'm quite grateful!

- Arron -

Nice thing you got going here!

Also, don't pay attention to the score, it doesn't matter anymore on NG since people just 0 bomb these days.

The only score you should pay attention to is the review scores, the reviewers are the people that matter.

P.S. - Downloaded, can you send me a Private message whenever you finish a new song?

DJ-Bert responds:

darn should have noticed that. thanks for the review and i CAN send you a pm. im almost finished with a new funk song then I'll work on more trans songs

Pretty good man!

You should finish this, and if you do, tell me!

Nice! Do you use FL Studio?

This is so simple yet so cool!
This is close to DnB, so theres a genre for you to work with.

Can you send me a PM whenever you make a new song?


flaws responds:

Yes, I can.


I like the calmness!

Though this isn't my style of music, im still giving a score as if it was my style.
0 voters make me mad.

Keep it up man! Good skillz!

Crsttarocks responds:

haha thanks man, i appericate it

Needs alot of work.

Ok, you have it down, but it seems very plain.
You should add some background synths, or some strings to it.
You should also get more reverb and a bit of delay in it.
Then you would no doubt get a 10 from my review!

You can do it!

DjCompass responds:

Hmm... *gets out notepad*
ok... Background synth, right... strings, k... more reverb + delay, sweet...
Kay, thanks for the review. I'll try that next time (stupid demo... grr...). Keep giving constructive criticism to the noobies, we all love it, or at least i do. Thanks again ^^

Can't you just picture yourself?

I just picture myself playing some old arcade game with this song in it! LOL.
Im not gonna rate it by the awesomeness of the song, but by how original it is! 10/10 5/5

pheel responds:

Well thank you very much :)
Im glad I could bring back that nostalgic feeling :P

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