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Good job!

Nice piano skills you got there!
This isn't my type of music though, but if this was, then I'd give you a 10/10 5/5.
You got skills though! Keep em up!

Not my style of music.

This is not my style of music, but if it was, then I'd give you a 5!
It's nice and calm then it gets pretty awesome in the middle.
What did you make it with?

5/5 10/10

UntitledWhite responds:

I made it with Magix Music Maker.
Made a few beats and messed around with some different sounds
It could have been better, but... i hadn't made anything in a while so i wanted to make something :-)
Thanks for your review

Very horrible...

Sorry, but this was very bad...
Add more instruments and don't use that gay speech synth until you learn how to use it.

Hot damn, your good at this!!

you make my music look like crap, lol!

Darkerfire responds:

just like rob mayth does to mine =(

Cool, but...

It's a bit quiet, add some more instruments to it!

P.S. Trying to take my simplicity beat? XD

SonicJ responds:

ERm....Ah...This is from my lawyer!
"Dear mr.zooloo75, thank you for your concern, but it is CLEAR to the court that YOU, indeed, YOU mr.zooloo are the insane party!"
That is all. XD
I just about apollo justice, gimme a break :p Thanks for teh review man. Too simple? Or....Simplicity O_o



Sanryd responds:

lol.... thanks.

LOL! Great!

I can just picture a funny voice singing "I, like, like to hit things!"

WritersBlock responds:

Yeah, lots of funny weird stuff could happen with this music =P
Now let's run around and bash up some kids!!!

Thanks for the review.

Its good.

It needs improvement though, what you should add is more than just those arps.
Every two beats add a kick, change it through add some gates to a plat saw and gate it up (makes song seems faster when its slow like this.)

Sanryd responds:

k, thanks for the advice... definitely learning alot lately.

I like it!

This sounds very good, just turn it into a song and it would probably be in the top 5!!

Pandora-Tranquil responds:

Thank you!, but i dont think I could turn this into a full song, its just too weird for me to work with lol

Nicely done with wasp!

I would never be able to use wasp like that!

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