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i dont understand?

What is this?

I give you a 1 for "...fruity dance...gay" lol

How the fuck?!?

Anyone want to tell me how the hell this got on the front page!?
First of all you should feel pretty stupid for even "singing" this.

Second of all this isn't even close to house at all.
Your voice is annoying in this song too...

daperson1 responds:

I am not the singer. Thank god.

Sounds pretty cool

It's nice that you have wrote a song to someone.
The only thing I would change is to have the last chord in the string melody in the beginning to be higher rather than it going down, but thats just a personal opinion.

Other than that all you need to do is make it seem more real with some equalizing or mastering and add a little bit of effects (reverb) to your percussion.

classikaffine responds:

Thanks for the input! The reverb I will definately do, i'm not sure but I may change a few things up. As for the chords, thanks for the idea, i'll give it a shot.


Sounds good but needs some effects.

I would put a few delays and more reverb on the saw that comes in the beginning.
OTher than that this songs sounds pretty cool.

The problem.

The song is very good, but it sounds as if it was missing too much of a full sound.
It sounded empty.
You should add some pads, strings, EQ the piano to make it sound better, and add more instruments.
I think you got the melody down, but it's very hard to hear it since you got the piano thats playing the chords on full blast so it sound a bit too distorted.
If you can fix those issues this song will be better.

I 5'ed you because I know you can do this.

Marks-a-lot responds:

I agree, that is why I personally don't like it. I really don't want to work on this song so this is it, sorry. : (

I 5'ed you!

But the score didn't move :(

I feel so unaprecciated :(
But this made me feel awesome!!!!!

I WUB j00!21111

This is pretty catchy.

I like how this song is more synth focused.
You should learn how to EQ your instruments better though so they dont all sound mushed together.

Thanks for reviewing my songs, hope to hear more of your stuff.

Michael425 responds:

Yeah, I gotta work on my FL Studio skills.

Thanks for the review.


Hey Rig, sup man!
I loved the credits because of your song, usually I would exit once the credits pop up, but your song kept me in.

I hope you guys do another collab, if you do tell me so I can make a song for it!!

Rig responds:

The second CTSG is already done - but I'll let you know when the next one is!

You call this "Shit?!?!?!"

Pfft, you were bluffing! This is some awesome ambience!!

Mid-Night responds:

Lies =(

Wow, alot of momentum!

The song definently sounds like its going somewhere, and your friend has a great voice, but it gets a bit distorted.

I hope you finish this because this sounds a bit professional.

The electric guitar with the resonator sounds awesome, and the guitar in the beginning made it a good intro.

5/5 10/10

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