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You call this "Shit?!?!?!"

Pfft, you were bluffing! This is some awesome ambience!!

Mid-Night responds:

Lies =(

Wow, alot of momentum!

The song definently sounds like its going somewhere, and your friend has a great voice, but it gets a bit distorted.

I hope you finish this because this sounds a bit professional.

The electric guitar with the resonator sounds awesome, and the guitar in the beginning made it a good intro.

5/5 10/10

Hahahaha lol!

Even though this is 100000000% illegal this is so funny because you actually made soulja boy worth listening to :P

Its very funny because the two songs blend together so perfectly!! hahahaha

Nice arpegiator, good flow!

The whole song just flows together, and the vox just make it cooler!

Thats some funkeh tecno!

Sounds like funk and techno got together and had a baby, lol!
Send me a link to every new song you make plz ;)

Chxos responds:

haha sure np man

3 years of making music...

And you still can't manage to make something worth listening to.

stephenharper responds:

you havent listened to all my music, first you started with saying i used looops and im a noob i said there were samples and you continue to be rude

Awesome! Wa wa!

(also to 0-bombers, hope you'll not have sex for 10 years for every 0-bombing)

What happens to 5'ers?

sorohanro responds:

to 5-bombers i guess is Playboy bunnies :))
(scuse me, i have to go and 5-bomb fast things ... just in case ...)

Wow, epic!

Gotta hate those 0 bombers though, this deserves to be higher than a measley 3.
Bring in the 5!
I don't have much advice to give you since nothing is wrong with the song.
Maybe we can do a collab?

Nintechno responds:

Thanks for reviewing!
A collab?! I'd love to, but I'm really busy with school n stuff at the moment. Plus I've already promised to do several other collabs lol. Mabye in the future?

Epic? Almost

The song is very good, especially in the intro, but the transition to the bass wasn't too good.
Something to get your song progressing is pads.
Pads get your song to move through melodies fairly easy, also at 2:30, it starts getting good right there, but it felt like it needed some bass to go with it, but it gets a bit repetitive...To fix that use the melody you were using but copy it and change a few notes ever 4 or so beats in the melody.
Also some other synths amd such playing at the same time with the leads would make it sound even better, for ex. putting a 3xosc saw or a piano during 2:20 would also add to the background tokeep it from being repetitive.

You got a nice buildup though.
I hope you use this advice in the future :D

P.S. Sorry if this was a bit harsh (in return you are 5'ed)

vvvvvWhat that guy below me said!vvvvv

What AckBomber said.

beets 6 feet underground

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