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So awesome!!

I don't know much about this genre, but that doesn't matter, this song sounds great!

DJ-Delinquent responds:

u shud explore it dude

Hip Hop is one of the best features on NG but belittle be every one else

i have a list of artists u may like in my News post

Thanks for joining the contest!

Personally I think the song was pretty basic, it needed a bit more ffects and some sort of melody. I like the percussion though.
Again, thanks for joining the contest!

SourPuddle responds:

Thanks bro, the fun for me was to not make the melodies, and focus on percussion though, but maybe next time.

Bad piano, good melody ;)

If you had better instruments, and better mastering i would give this a 10!
I can help you out man!

Hey, this is pretty good for a first.

I gave you a 4/10 and a 5/5

If you have windows live messenger or xfire, just message me and I will help you.

P.S. Stop by TSG

NG Anthem :D

How does it feel to be the one that made the NG Anthem? :P

Professional. Simple as that!

I agree with that person below me, the song needs a bit more power.
This song sounds like something very professional. Your style reminds me of a DJ I know on WLMessenger named DJ Brent. The only thing I can think of for improvement is mastering, but wow you have mad talent!!

10/10 5/5

durn responds:

aye, I've yet to go beyond reason in terms of fully mastering/producing my tunes. all that visual equalization stuff scares the crap out of me. :) for now I'll just keep doing it by ear! :D thank you for your kind words!

Great composition.

5/5 9/10

You did good on this song. The melodies were good, but now you should practice mastering so you can have your songs sound better. also I liked the Ambient piece at the end, but it ended too quickly IMO.

I will help you out if you want.

dj-Jo responds:

you can help
pm me
thanks for reviewing.

Work on mastering.

The song sounds like it would be great if it were mastered properly.
You need to master the drums.
You should also change that synth that plays the main melody, it sounds very weak in my opinion, maybe add delay and reverb to it to make it sound more powerful.
A tip for you is to do stereo imaging to the master track so it doesn't sound mono, because you have all your sounds going through one area, which sounds kinda bad.
pretty much all you have to do is mastering to your song, and it will sound alot better.

Very happy :D

The loop turns out to be very happy and feels like a child discovering what good candy tastes like :P

8/10 5/5

The song sounds a bit distorted, lower the volumes and do some equalizing to the synths. It will sound more clear.

dynamizer responds:

the problem I have is that I'm in such a rush to post
my stuff that I don't really check for mistakes. the saw bass line
could have had a lower volume and for my lead I just layer different
sounds together and it sounds alright but I could have blended them in more.
when I correct the mistakes I don't repost them because I don't know how to remove songs from my submission list.

LOL, remember this from Super Mario.

I heard this song when I was at that apple place.

Great remix, brings back memories of my super nintendo :D

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