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Feel free to use my music!

2017-06-02 09:32:26 by Zooloo75

I've been getting a few requests to use my music in videos, and other things lately, so to save us all the trouble: Yes, you can use my music wherever you'd like for non-commercial usage. Just credit me by linking back to my Newgrounds page.


If you want to use my stuff for commercial usages, just shoot me a message, and we'll see if something can be arranged.


If you are using my music for something (like a game, or a video), please post a link to it on this post! Seeing my stuff being used makes me happy inside.




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2017-06-02 17:53:02

Bless you. Love your work and want badly to use it in a movie. More than happy to plug your page in big ass letters for it.

Zooloo75 responds:

That'd be rad! Dooooo ittttt!


2017-06-29 20:17:41

Something very cool one of my friend made with your latest song :)

Zooloo75 responds:

That's legit!


2017-09-17 09:50:51

Still Loving your shit.
I still bump The Day Off and forget that I have it looping.

Zooloo75 responds:

Many thanks!


2017-10-05 16:40:16

Man your song drag me with you is amaz. You should do another one with Allan Watts samples.

Zooloo75 responds:

Any thing's possible


2017-10-08 21:26:57

stick guns 4ever

Zooloo75 responds:

Good times!