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Working on a series of bumps.

2016-09-17 14:21:28 by Zooloo75

I am working on a new project. To start it off, it's going to be a site where musicians can upload short loops (about a minute in length) along with a gif. This idea sprung up from my beat, "Majestic Deer Crossing." I was just searching for neat little gifs to get inspiration from for a beat, and after finishing the beat, I got the idea to make a little webpage with that gif set as the background and to have the beat play.

Below are a few sample pages (static) to go along with the concept. The final product will be a portal where people can select a beat from a screen of tiles (the tiles represent each beat with the accompanying gif) and be sent to the beat's page.


Majestic Deer Crossing


Subtle Changes Over Time


Vantage Bliss


When I Drift Away


Original Cliches




Miles From Home


One-Sided Feeling


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2016-09-18 12:00:03

Definitely going to consider this


2016-09-18 12:40:50

cool idea!